SkyBitz helps us find available trailers faster—equating to happier drivers, customers, and the ability to run more loads. It’s a win-win solution without sacrificing the bottom line.
Keith Klein
Transport America, Inc.
SkyBitz Tank Monitoring provides us the timely and accurate tank data needed to bring technology to bear when it comes to controlling distribution costs, from the office all the way to the driver. Our people always know exactly where they need to go, when, and with how much propane. SkyBitz gives us the ability to do all that with no upfront equipment expense. They are a key partner in helping us service our customers and lower our distribution costs.
Chuck Kinnie
Shasta Gas Propane, Inc.
SkyBitz’s comprehensive SMARTruck automation system provided us with forecasting via remote monitors and degree day, paperless dispatching and integration with our back office accounting. We saw our margins and gallons increase. Everything began to run more efficiently and effectively for us, giving us time to look for more opportunities to further increase those gallons.
Armistead Mauck
Vice President/Co-Owner
Cherry Energy
We rely on SkyBitz to provide complete visibility of our trailers in real-time, which allows our customers to be confident that their shipments will arrive on schedule. SkyBitz continues to offer the best solution for our growing needs and the best value for our investment.
Royal Jones
Co-founder, CEO and President
Mesilla Valley Transportation
We started from an almost completely manual process of dispatching and data collection. Poor penmanship and math errors have been eliminated so the data integrity sent to billing is much better. SMARTruck saves us about 25 minutes per driver, meaning 1 more delivery for every 3 trucks.
Ron Lamb
Chief Operating Officer
The SoCo Group Inc.
SkyBitz provides us timely and accurate information needed to foster better conversations with our customers regarding detention time and it helps us get our trailers back sooner. SkyBitz is a key step to modernizing our fleet and investing in the company’s future.
Marc Rogers
CEO and President
We focus on adopting innovative technology solutions that enable us to improve responsiveness to our customers and increase productivity. We were impressed with the way SkyBitz worked closely with us to develop a customized integration that delivers greater visibility and efficiencies across departments – from maintenance to dispatch to business operations.
Max Fuller
Chairman and CEO
U.S. Xpress, Inc.
We first selected SkyBitz 11 years ago for its innovative and affordable trailer tracking services. With over 400 agents representing 600 locations in our ecosystem, SkyBitz technology is a vital solution that helps us satisfy immediate customer needs anywhere in the country.
Gene Elkins
Executive Vice President
Transportation Services Group
We’ve had two big impacts with SMARTruck. The first is being able to expand into new markets by sending orders to drivers and invoices to customers electronically. The second is eliminating the wasted time searching for information to communicate across departments or to our customers. Customer Service, Sales, Billing and Dispatchers can all get the information they need immediately.
Lloyd Little