Telular is dedicated to developing wireless communication technology that brings alternative access solutions to a constantly evolving global marketplace. Our products are quick and easy to deploy, which makes them an industry favorite for wireless connectivity. Our products are deployed in more than 130 countries and incorporate the world's leading cellular standards of EVDO, HSDPA, CDMA and GSM.

In addition to fixed cellular phones and terminals we also design, develop and manufacture Telguard® security products that communicate over the cellular network. Telguard's cellular alarm signaling fully protects your property using advanced wireless technology. Telguard is affordable, easy to install and works with your existing alarm system.

Telular also provides wireless tank monitoring and automatic replenishment (ARP) solutions through its TankLink product line. TankLink’s automatic replenishment infrastructure enables the wireless monitoring of vital inventory information allowing companies to manage costs while optimizing cash flow with just-in-time delivery.