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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Telguard Introduces the First Line of 3G Cellular Alarm Communicators for the Price of 2G

Provides Dealers With Product Longevity and RMR Protection in Advance of the 2G Sunset

CHICAGO, Jan. 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telular Corporation (Nasdaq:WRLS), a leader in alarm and event monitoring solutions and services, today announces that its line of cellular alarm communicators for residential, commercial and PERS is evolving to 3G, all for the same price as today's 2G solutions.

As cellular networks transition from 2G to 3G over the next five years, Telguard's 3G communicators will provide dealers with the latest technology that can survive the 2G Sunset and protect their recurring monthly revenue (RMR). As a result of the 2G Sunset, GSM and GPRS equipment will ultimately need to be replaced. Telguard realizes the financial impact this will have on security dealers of all sizes due to truck rolls and replacement equipment costs. In response, Telguard chose to be at the forefront of the technology transition as today's only provider of 3G cellular alarm communicators to help dealers prepare for the impact of the 2G Sunset.

"Monitronics shares Telguard's commitment to providing security dealers with RMR-boosting solutions and services, and we are excited about their launch of 3G cellular alarm communicators," said Bruce Mungiguerra, vice president, sales and dealer development for Monitronics. "Not only do Telguard's 3G products protect dealers from the 2G Sunset, they also protect the value and attractiveness of their customer base."

For each month past January 1, 2012 that a dealer fails to fully adopt 3G, the financial impact of the 2G Sunset grows substantially because they are installing equipment that will need to be replaced. The key to minimizing the impact of the 2G Sunset is for security dealers to halt their growing base of 2G equipment needing inevitable replacement by switching to 3G-based products today.

"We believe that dealers should not have to make the false choice based on price between 2G products that will need replacement and 3G products that won't," says Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and business development, Telular. "For this reason, we have decided to evolve our entire line of Telguard cellular alarm communicators to 3G for the price of today's 2G products. This strategy allows dealers to seamlessly switch to our sunset-proof products without an impact to their business model or profits."

Telguard is making the transition to 3G seamless for dealers. Product installation, activation and service procedures will remain the same as they have been for Telguard's 2G products. Aside from being feature-for-feature compatible with Telguard's previous generation of products, their 3G products offer additional features. For example, all of Telguard's 3G cellular alarm communicators will now feature the Telguard Interactive remote control app and two-way voice support.

The evolution of Telguard 3G products begins this month with the security (TG-1B, TG-4) and PERS (TG-P) cellular communicators. The 3G version of the TG-7FS fire communicator will be available in February, and the TG-7 and TG-7A commercial communicators in March. The TG-1 Express will complete the 3G evolution in April.

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