• Security

    Telular knows the importance of innovation when it comes to commercial and residential security. It is by leveraging technology to improve the way devices communicate and process alarm signals and by understanding how to effectively address consumer security needs that Telular has remained the leader in the security space for over 30 years. Telular, through its Telguard business and complete line of residential and commercial solutions combines devices, communications, video, interactive services, and alarm processing into turnkey systems for monitoring intrusion and fire systems without a traditional landline. These field-proven solutions deliver 24 hour wireless protection by transmitting data from virtually all residential and commercial security, fire and PERS systems to central stations using today’s cellular networks. Telguard’s simple installation and reliable operation have helped it grow to be one of the largest security communications solutions in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Trucking

    Real-time information on the location and status of trucks has become crucial to the success of trucking companies world-wide. With the complexity of today’s global supply chain, rising fuel costs, increasing equipment costs and much more, logistics operators and trucking companies are focusing on how to achieve better visibility and improved coordination of their trailers or intermodal containers. Telular offers solutions to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service. Telular, through its SkyBitz solutions, employs a variety of remote asset tags and associated intelligent sensors to monitor and report the location and the condition of trailers or intermodal containers, onboard equipment and cargo. The flexibility and adaptability of SkyBitz solutions drive more informed decision making and operational processes as businesses seek to become more efficient and support growth.

  • Oil & Gas

    Asset management and operation efficiency are key areas of importance in the oil and gas market. Halting operations because of inappropriate equipment allocations can potentially mean millions of dollars in idle time costs and lost revenues. Telular’s solutions for the oil and gas industry address these issues by helping companies tightly manage the flow of equipment to and from onshore rig sites via truck and offshore sites via marine vessels. An asset inventory or "site check" can be performed simply by reviewing all assets within a pre-defined geographic perimeter. A variety of sensors can be added to a solution to make the system even more powerful.

  • Chemical

    Making efficient deliveries in the chemical industry is becoming increasingly more difficult. Variable demand makes the concept of a regular route schedule impossible. The ability of end users to deliver realistic demand forecasts can be challenging and can quickly lead to run-outs and costly emergency deliveries. Addressing these and many more supply chain issues are the key drivers behind Telular’s TankLink solutions. TankLink provides the critical information and reports needed to help chemical suppliers actively and efficiently provide product to their customers as an alternative to simply responding to orders.



    Telular Corporation develops products and services that utilize wireless networks to provide data and voice connectivity among people and machines. Telular’s product and service offerings are created through the company’s historical competence in developing cellular electronics along with utilizing the data transport capabilities of today’s commercial wireless networks.

    Telular was established in 1986 when it acquired the intellectual property rights for its cellular interface concept and methodology. Today, it creates solutions based on the development of specialized wireless terminals that work in conjunction with software systems to provide integrated event monitoring and reporting services for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. M2M applications typically involve outfitting machinery with sensors and remotely reading those sensors to improve process efficiency in areas such as supply chain management, security monitoring, home automation, meter reading, vehicle and asset tracking and many other commercial and industrial situations. The company’s three major lines of business are Telguard products and services for security dealers, TankLink products and services for logistics management of tank vessels, and SkyBitz global remote asset management solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, Telular has engineering, sales and customer service operations in Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and an international sales office in Miami. Telular Corporation went public in 1994 On June 24, 2013 Telular was acquired by Avista Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm with over $5 billion under management and offices in New York, Houston and London. In partnership with Avista, Telular continues to pursue its plan for growth in the machine-to-machine communications sector.

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    Telular is focused on M2M market segments in which the company can create a differentiated product and service offering. Telular’s Telguard solution supports residential and commercial security dealers and generates a majority of Telular’s revenue. The Telguard solution includes a specialized communicator unit which interfaces with security alarm panels and then communicates with Telular’s event processing servers to provide real-time transport of alarm signals from residential and commercial locations to an alarm company’s central monitoring station.

    Telular’s TankLink solution combines a specially designed cellular communicator, wireless data services and a web-based application into a single offering which allows end-users to remotely monitor the level of product contained in a given tank vessel.

    Telular’s SkyBitz business provides real-time information on the location and status of assets. More than 800 enterprises rely on SkyBitz technology to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service. SkyBitz delivers its solution via SkyBitz InSight, a secure web-based application that is fully customizable and requires no software downloads.

    Integral to our success in the Telguard, TankLink, SkyBitz businesses, and the M2M space in general, is our experience in processing data messages over the wireless networks. Our data processing center is able to process hundreds of thousands of messages effectively and on a real-time basis each day, which is critical for our customers, particularly within the security space. Also critical to our success is the ability to develop new products and features that may become necessary as new applications are developed or are otherwise considered desirable by the markets that we serve. We can also leverage our technical knowledge related to cellular radios and our engineering skills to develop new products and services based on our core technology platform to serve other M2M vertical markets.


    Telular understands the importance of strategic partnerships in the machine to machine market. It is through collaboration with service providers, hardware vendors, and systems integrators that Telular is able to bring the highest quality products and services to the markets it serves. Partnerships with service providers such as AT&T and Verizon allow Telular’s Telguard and TankLink businesses to provide a portfolio of wireless monitoring and alarm solutions that deliver longevity and reliability. SkyBitz has partnered with leading TMS companies, such as McLeod Software and TMW Systems, to provide a greater holistic solution to help customers maximize their fleets and operations.


    Telular Corporation was established in 1986 when it acquired the intellectual property rights for its cellular interface concept and methodology. Throughout the next two decades, the company focused on creating and marketing fixed wireless products, which would facilitate use of the cellular network for voice and data normally sent over the traditional, wireline telephone network.

    Over the past five years, Telular has evolved from primarily a hardware-oriented company to a wireless IoT solutions provider. Telular leverages its expertise in sending data over wireless networks as well as processing and storing that data for use by end users in areas such as security services, asset tracking and supply chain management. In October 2008, Telular expanded its portfolio through the acquisition of SupplyNet, which became the company's tank monitoring division. 

    In February 2012, Telular extended its portfolio even further by acquiring SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets, the leading provider of asset tracking solutions focusing on tracking and management of truck trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, power generators and rental equipment.

    In order to expand its reach to a larger number of customers in key M2M market segments, Telular acquired GPS North America and Reltima, two leading commercial telematics companies in the local fleet management market in June 2015. Additionally, in October 2015, Telular acquired SMARTLogix, a leading provider of petroleum management, inventory and transportation logistics solutions.

    Today, Telular’s businesses are focused on two unique market opportunities; commercial telematics and security/home automation.

    Telular Corporation was a publicly held company from 1994 until June 2013. On June 24, 2013 Telular was acquired by Avista Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm with over $5 billion under management and offices in New York, Houston and London. In partnership with Avista, Telular continues to pursue its plan for growth in the machine-to-machine communications sector. Headquartered in Chicago, Telular has engineering, sales and customer service operations in Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and an international sales office in Miami.


  • Our Team

    • Doug Milner
      Doug Milner
      Chief Executive Officer

      Mr. Milner brings to Telular over 30 years of experience leading growth companies in both the private and public sectors. In his role as CEO, Mr. Milner leverages his strong engineering and business expertise across a range of industries to strategically poise Telular for further growth in the M2M market. Most recently, Mr. Milner served as President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Active Power (NASDAQ: ACPW), a manufacturer of uninterruptible power systems and modular infrastructure solutions for data centers and other business operations where system up-time is considered mission critical.

      Prior to Active Power, Mr. Milner served in senior leadership roles at Aquilex Corporation, Xerium Technologies, and Invensys plc. Mr. Milner received a bachelor's degree in Physics from Ohio Wesleyan University, and both a master's of Science in Electrical Engineering and a master's in Business Administration from Duke University.

    • Bill Steckel
      Bill Steckel
      EVP, Chief Financial Officer

      Mr. Steckel has over 30 years of financial and operations leadership experience, primarily in electronics and controls related businesses. Mr. Steckel brings a comprehensive background in accounting, finance, systems and lean operations to his leadership roles. Most recently, Mr. Steckel was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (NASDAQ:GLDD), a global engineering and construction company. Prior to Great Lakes, Mr. Steckel owned an advisory firm assisting high growth, startup and turnaround companies undergoing significant change. His earlier career included senior financial and general management roles at St. Jude Medical, Invensys plc and CTS Corporation.

      Mr. Steckel earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Industrial Administration) at Iowa State University and his Master of Business Administration from Western Illinois University. He is also a CPA.

    • George S. Brody
      George S. Brody
      President of Telguard

      Mr. Brody joined Telular with more than 20 years of experience in business-to-business marketing and global commerce. In his role as President of Telguard, he provides strategic expertise in building revenue, brand equity, and customer service.

      Prior to Telular, Mr. Brody joined Quiet Water Associates after serving as vice president of marketing for Evolution Networks Inc., a venture-backed, early stage telecommunications company. He also served as vice president of sales and marketing for Philips Electronics N.V. Communications & Security Systems. He was part of the management team that formed BURLE industries, which was acquired by Philips. As vice president of worldwide marketing, he helped establish BURLE as a major player in the global electronic security market. Mr. Brody began his career at RCA and holds a B.S. in Commerce and Finance from Wilkes College and an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University.

    • Henry Popplewell
      Henry Popplewell
      President of SkyBitz

      Henry has more than 20 years executive sales experience and a proven track record of driving revenue growth and improving customer loyalty. Henry was most recently at SkyTel, where he oversaw sales and distribution. He has successful sales and operations experience in high growth technology startups and Fortune 250 corporations across multiple industries including: wireless telecommunications, logistics/ supply chain, transportation, software as a service (SaaS), and e-commerce. In his role as the Vice-President of National Sales at Nextel, Henry conceived and built the first vertical industry sales model in wireless communications. He is a recognized expert in mobile technologies with a focus on GPS/tracking and resource management (MRM) applications, frequently speaking at industry tradeshows and analyst events. Prior to his tenure at Nextel, Henry spent over 20 years with Ryder Systems Inc., most recently as Vice President of National Sales.

      Henry holds a B.A. in Accounting from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    • Jerry Deutsch
      Jerry Deutsch
      Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Operations

      Serving as a senior vice president, and with over 30 years of senior level management in the technology market, Mr. Deutsch oversees all manufacturing, product planning, material control, quality control, sustaining and test engineering.

      Before joining Telular, Mr. Deutsch spent over 20 years at LogiMetrics, Inc., where he held the position of executive vice president and chief operating officer, directing a staff of 70 employees with responsibilities including: electrical/mechanical engineering, production and material control, purchasing and accounting. Mr. Deutsch holds a patent on Microband Multiwave Synthesizers. He received his BSEE from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and his MSEE from New York University.

    • Christopher Bear
      Christopher Bear
      SVP, Product Development

      Mr. Bear brings over 22 years of experience to his role as senior vice president of product development at Telular. Before coming to Telular, Mr. Bear was the engineering lead for MeshNetworks, which was acquired by Motorola in 2004. Here, he led product development activities for the successful wireless technology startup, directing a team of engineers to create products addressing the municipal WiFi and public safety broadband markets.

      Prior to Motorola, Mr. Bear founded Clear Focus Consulting. The company’s projects focused on point-of-sale systems and mobile banking services. Mr. Bear received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

    • Shawn Welsh
      Shawn Welsh
      SVP, Product Line Management and Marketing for Telular

      A 20 year veteran of the wireless industry, Shawn Welsh, Senior Vice President of Product Line Management and Marketing for Telular, is responsible for the Company’s numerous IoT product lines and growth strategies. Prior to Telular, Shawn was responsible for business development, product management and product development teams at both startups and Fortune 500 companies including Motorola, SkyTel and MeshNetworks.

      Since joining Telular, Shawn has spearheaded numerous initiatives including the Company’s home automation strategy, the introduction of a pure SaaS business model for trailer tracking, and the creation of new consumer IoT products. Shawn is an active member of Telular’s industry associations and is a recognized leader that often presents at events on issues that affect their industries.


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The combination of state-of-the-art, UL listed products and superior, dedicated customer service is what makes Telular a leader in wireless, machine-to-machine solutions.


Telguard cellular alarm communicators and interactive solutions reward security dealers with increased productivity, reduced maintenance and access to many revenue generating services for a low cost. Combining devices, communications, alarm processing and interactive services into a turnkey system, Telguard delivers solutions for intrusion, PERS, fire systems and home automation independent of a traditional landline. Available in the U.S., and in Canada under the Telular brand name, Telguard cellular alarm solutions protect over 600,000 homes and businesses, and are an important part of any dealer’s portfolio.


SkyBitz is the market share leader in asset tracking in North America with more than a decade of experience and more than 800 customers relying on SkyBitz technology. SkyBitz solutions provide asset location, motion and cargo status, allowing fleets to have total visibility to their assets and status of cargo to improve utilization and performance of the fleet, reduce costs and increase revenue.


TankLink remote inventory management solutions deliver the highly-accurate, 24/7 tank level information that is necessary for efficient and cost-saving replenishment decisions. TankLink helps suppliers, distributors, and production managers increase operations productivity and effectiveness. An industry-recognized leader in M2M communications for over 25 years, TankLink monitors various types of bulk inventory on thousands of tanks in the U.S. and other countries, and is an indispensable part of today’s supply chain.


Telular connects customers, business and machines over wireless networks and we need dynamic, driven and energetic people to help us do it successfully!

Life At Telular

What We Believe

  • We value our customers and business partners.
  • We’re honest with ourselves, our team and our customers.
  • We treat each other with mutual respect.
  • We make data-driven decisions.
  • We value efficiency and work with a sense of urgency.
  • We are accountable for our commitments and performance.

What We Offer

  • Experience and Reliability
    • Robust and reliable portfolio of products and cellular coverage delivering actionable data.
  • Innovation and Longevity
    • Almost 30 years of experience in wireless solutions for remote monitoring, trailer tracking and security.
  • Dynamic Culture and Environment
    • Collaborative culture that encourages ownership of results and recognizes individual and team achievements.
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits Package
    • Market driven compensation and a comprehensive benefits line-up that provides access to quality care and focuses on health and wellness initiatives.

What We Need

  • You!
    • If you’re looking to significantly contribute to a company at the forefront of its industry, then Telular’s the place for you.


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